Bold Transportation Freight Management

Freight Management and Shipment Cost Reduction Services

Bold Logistics is a 3rd party logistics provider specializing in LTL freight management and shipment cost reduction for our clients. We partner with your company to bring a seamless approach to managing your supply chain. We offer state-of-the-art transportation management software to facilitate all your shipment needs. Our logistics experts work with you to understand how your supply chain needs to be handled. Managing your shipping and supply chain can be a very overwhelming task. There are multiple carriers to contact for rates, tracking, & tracing. Multiple carriers with different tariff rules, guidelines, and freight classifications. All of which, if not handled carefully can lead to re-bills, re-weighs, and damage claims.

Partnering with Bold Logistics, you are essentially provided a “FREE” shipping employee. We assist you in managing your freight, decrease carrier errors, negotiate additional discounted pricing with our carriers on your behalf, and provide a transparent view of your entire transportation operations.

Our proprietary software gives you a one stop shop for all your shipping needs.

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